The Best Kegerators For Homebrewing

NewKegeratorHomebrewers have a lot of options these days when choosing (or even making) a kegerator to dispense their homebrews. There are a lot of factors to consider and balance when choosing a kegerator: cost, dimensions, noise, capacity, line cooling, and your building skills. If you are a pretty handy person and don’t mind or even like that home crafted look then a homemade kegerator might be for you, if you want a polished look and lots of ¬†features such as a polished look, nice stainless tower with forced air tower cooling, drip trays, etc. then you are going to want a factory made kegerator.

The best factory made kegerator I have come across is without a doubt the BM23 Kegerator from Beverage Air. It’s perfectly sized for the homebrewer and one of the only single wide kegerators that can fit four 5-gallon corning kegs, a good sized c02 tank with regulator, and the drip tray bottle all inside of the kegerator. The way it’s laid out is as compact as possible leaving no inch un-used. It is available in a number of tap configurations from one (for use with a single full-size keg) all the way to four taps¬†(for use with the aforementioned 5-gallon kegs). It has a forced air blower that blows cold air up into the very top of the tower keeping the beer in your lines the same temp as the beer in the keg, this means no foam, no wasted beer, and a bar quality experience from your kegerator.


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